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Visualisation de données pour les hacktivistes

vendredi 6 avril 2012, par L’atelier

Visualisation de données pour les hacktivistes
Le collectif Tactical Tech présente un site pour la représentation de données.

Are you working in an organisation where you collect data ; is it difficult to know what to do with this data ? Does it get stuck in dense spreadsheets and become hard to read and draw stories out of ?

Data visualisation has become very popular and there are all kinds of free, online tools begging to visualise everything from your daily coffee intake to your social network. But which of these are good and which are just a waste of time ? Which can actually be useful for advocates to communicate complex issues to their audience ?

Drawing by Numbers is a curation of tools for activists and independent journalists who have experience with aggregating data and want to know how to visualise it. But it’s also for those who have already been experimenting and want some advice and inspiration on developing visualisations. Four categories of tools are covered : charts and graphs ; mapping and mash-up tools ; design, layout and presentation tools and data management tools.There’s also a waiting room of tools that are up next for profiling.

Le site en question, à fouiller : http://drawingbynumbers.org

Voir en ligne : http://seenthis.net/messages/63419

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